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Great pizza chips were a bit if a let down dry and cold though
placed by Terri De Courcy on the 27th November 2017

No taste to it gutted

Pizza had no taste it was the blandest ham and mushroom pizza I've ever had definitely won't be using oscars again
placed by Matthew Chilcott on the 6th November 2017

Not impressed

I think that the portion are very small as for the website you don't offer salad or sauces when I ordered chicken shish it came with relish I paid 7 pound for 6pcs of chicken in side chips sizes are awful so are the salad boxes awful size
placed by Marcus Lane on the 21st July 2017

Great pizza - fried chicken not so good

Meat Feast pizza ordered for the second time and just as delicious as the first. We ordered a chicken filet burger hoping for the same quality but alas, the chicken was dry/rubbery and very very chewy so we won't risk those again. That said, the pizza was lush!
placed by Fox James on the 3rd July 2017

ordered 12 chicken nuggets, only 10 recieved!

Two chicken pieces were very dry and over cooked. Chicken wing had one small piece of meat that was edible, thigh was a little better but not enough for a meal. Chicken nuggets only 10 arrived, not enough to split between children so had to cook anyway!
placed by Karen Bell on the 17th June 2017

Incredibly tasty pizza

We had the meat feast and the Italian. The dough used is ace. Soft, fluffy and flavourful and plenty of toppings! No complaints at all. The garlic bread with cheese is lush.
placed by Fox James on the 27th April 2017


Always get my Kebabs here fresh and taste great
placed by christopher cain-allen on the 11th April 2017

great speedy pizzas as usual

Great prices, quick delivery, good doughy pizzas
placed by Kevin Bromfield on the 1st April 2017


The pizza was fine but the burger didn't have any relish or salad so was very dry and uninteresting as had no flavour at all
placed by Terri de Courcy on the 6th March 2017

Late Delivery

Email saying order had been delayed by 40 minutes. Arrived 30 minutes after latest time and only part of the order was delivered (with a free bottle of Coke). 10 minutes later again the rest of order delivered. Had had late orders from them before but this time was awful. Order place 5.30 latest food arrived at 8.10 to complete the order!!!
placed by Karen Bell on the 25th February 2017

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